Fashion Forward: How To Mix Silver with Gold

Gold and silver. They say these are the opposites and don’t complement each other very well. Probably you came across these preconceptions – silver is for teenagers, gold for grown-ups. But what if you’d wish to wear both precious metals at the same time? Is it acceptable? Of course, it is! Don’t worry; no fashion police will come to get you. Here are some tips on how to mix and match with charm.

Fashion is supposed to make us feel prettier and more confident, not the opposite. If you follow the latest fashion trends, but they make you feel too vulnerable don’t do it. Listen to your inner fashion sense and how it makes you feel. And don’t worry too much about other people’s style – they feel the same way as you do, they struggle with the same thoughts. Always be yourself and follow your fashion instinct.

So can we combine two metals of a different color? The answer is yes! How? Remember the less, the better. If you wear two rings, two decent necklaces or bracelets, you’ll look divine. I wouldn’t recommend putting two large pieces together. In this case, each piece speaks for itself.

Are there any rules to where you can or can’t wear a combination of two precious metals? Well, unless you don’t go to a dinner with the Queen you should feel pretty relaxed – you are the one making the rules. I’d recommend trying it out first. Take a look at your jewelry and put pieces of different metals together. Do they look good? Would you like to wear them? If the answer is yes, go ahead and try them on. How do they make you feel? If you feel chic wearing them, then they’re probably a good fit for you.

Today’s fashion trend is layering. To know how to mix and match is an art of itself. In my experience, the best combinations turned out to be the same or similar pieces of jewelry, ideally one collection. Two delicate bracelets or two small rings make a perfect match. You can even wear two earrings in one ear if you feel like spicing up your fashion game. On the other hand, if you choose to wear a dominant necklace, I wouldn’t recommend wearing another big piece of jewelry. You can still add another piece of jewelry, maybe a ring you never take off your hand, but you probably want that grand necklace to get all the attention, right?

Jewelry makes us feel more attractive, carries imprints of moments, visions and dreams we have. But in the end, it’s us who make the jewel shine. If you don’t feel confident in a chunky gold piece why would you wear it? Because an actress you like has it? Don’t. It’s much better to choose something you are passionate about; even if it’s a small necklace, your boyfriend bought for you. Those are the memories you cherish. It’s you who make the fashion decisions in the end.

Pick your favourites.