Express yourself with the Nympha Collection. Inspired by the element of water and marine life, the Nympha Collection is all about the joy of an endless summer, the carefree memories of beach days and the romance that accompanies both.

The ocean always connects me to the feelings of joy, simplicity, and calm – intertwined with the romance of summer love. When memories of my last beach holiday wash through my mind, I am filled with the carefree spirit of sun-filled days, taking peaceful walks with sand beneath my toes, and basking in the sun. While I spent these blissful days breaking through the soft waves and enjoying summer romance, the ocean spent them washing its magnificent treasures ashore for passing-by lovers to collect and share. The Nypha collection is made of intricate seashells and coral structures, some of the most breathtaking gifts the ocean has to offer.  The elements of this collection are a connection to sunny days, rejuvenating vacations, and romantic summers that fill you with a lightness only the ocean can provide. Whether it’s a reminder of a summer romance or the salty air and sand beneath your toes – this collection will transport you to memories filled with the light, blissful essence of a beach day and ease of the ocean’s flow.