Express yourself with the Kaawa collection. Inspired by the coffee bean, the Kaawa collection brings together elegance and strength in a beautiful swirl.

I carry my stories with me like coffee lingering on the lips after a kiss. If anyone asks, I am old enough to know better and young enough to care less. There’s a soft, half-smile on my lips as I break the rules. I am a rebel, a dauntless dreamer, and my coffee moments are my quiet rebellion during a busy day.  I laugh, I cry, I smile. My whole body loves to feel alive. I tap into my “me-time” and enjoy those blissful and sensual moments. When I close my eyes and inhale the rich aroma of coffee, I’m being carried to a love story that happened once upon a time—a stolen kiss in the rain outside a coffee shop and the sweet sugar of romance taking the sting out of goodbyes.

I still believe in fairytales. I get excited hearing those miraculous stories. I imagine myself as part of them. I feel there are traces of me in everything I touch. And there are traces of the world I’ve touched in everything about me.

The Kaawa collection was created in collaboration with designer Anna Steinerova. Anna loves coffee and her designs are devoted to this most energizing fruit on Earth and beautifully complement the Traces Jewelry collections dedicated to the celebration of nature’s wonders.