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Explore one-of-a-kind collections created from traces of nature, awaiting your imprint!

Let’s meet at the corner of your most special moments. We’ll be waiting patiently.

Traces Jewelry’s founder and designer, Tereza Oslac, passionately creates jewelry designs for all those beauty geeks who are charmed by nature. Growing up surrounded by forests and mountains, Tereza became enchanted by captivating structures, shapes, and forms found in the wilderness. Her fascination with the exquisite beauty of the natural world is channeled into each and every piece – elegantly formed with a modern touch.

Traces Jewelry represents the epitome of craftsmanship, with precise attention to detail in every individual piece, remaining dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality, precision, and handcrafted perfection to women worldwide.

Designed and hand-crafted in our workshop in Prague, the heart of Europe, Traces jewelry’s vision is to evoke the subtle allure of a quiet walk through the woods, a romantic interlude by starlight, or a breathtaking kiss in the rain. We invite you to savor life’s special moments and make them unforgettable with this unique jewelry.

Our classic, yet sophisticated designs comprise the highest quality materials, including precisely handpicked precious stones and metals, along with the understated use of sterling and plated silver and fair-trade gold. Combined, these make the perfect gift for the classy modern-day woman. Traces jewelry elegant designs are wearable for every occasion, fusing beauty with comfort.

Become a dreamer and immerse yourself in the magical world of Traces Jewelry.

A hallmark is an important part of our jewelry; it is a mark of assurance that provides details of the quality of the metal used. It is granted by the Assay Offices of Czech Republic. All our pieces are hallmarked to certify the metal content.

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