Express yourself with the Terra Collection. Inspired by the organic shape of a rock, the Terra Collection reveals the raw beauty that can be found in nature’s elements.

The forest calls my name. I stand at the edge of the woods behind my house and gaze into secrets that beg to be explored. As I admire the nature before me, the light chirping of birds reaches me. The trees are wide enough apart to be distinct – but close enough together to seem never-ending. I adore nature and hiking the trails that lead me through the heart of the forest. I believe that trails posses an unquestionable power to drive home hassle-free but often overlooked truths. This draws me into wild woodlands, challenges me through hills and rockbound coastal walkways, and pushes me out of my comfort zone. This is how it feels to grow up. I know my way home as long as I have a trail to wander. Home is a beacon that never fades. Years from now, halfway around the world, I’ll still see it. I’ll hear it in accents that sound like mine and taste it in the wind. Sometimes I’ll think I’m lost, but I always find my way.

Today the lush green wonder of the woods embraces me as I step through the underbrush and begin my hike. My feet glide over dry leaves. I inhale. The air smells rich and golden like the morning sun filtered through the canopy overhead. It smells like freedom. I am so excited to see what I’ll discover… maybe something of myself that I never knew existed. I keep going and keep embracing nature.