Express yourself with the Purie Collection. Inspired by the purity of a feather and the ease of a gentle wind blow, the Purie collection is all about rediscovering yourself.

The birds always humble me. When I find the freedom to relax in my favorite lea and search the skies for this magnificent hunter, my mind roams, imagining the feeling of the winds as they course over and through my feathers. It seems the birds always come out and put on a show for me, and yes, it is for me. I think about how they wear their feathers and how they use them in flight; soaring so far above, yet seeing so far below. The majesty of birds are captured in these stunning pieces, adding layers of intricacy and personality that can’t be overlooked. I am indeed captivated. And if I am truly lucky, a feather will dislodge from their powerful bodies and weave its way to the earth. Into my hands. It happened once, long ago. But now I can wear that inspiration in the form of this astonishing collection that captures the beautiful filigree of the feather.