Express yourself with the Flor Collection. Inspired by a flower bud on the verge of blossoming into a delicate flower, the Flor Collection is all about femininity and the hope that accompanies new beginnings and the fresh start of a new cycle.

Whenever I stumble upon a flower bud on the verge of blossoming, my mind wanders to the anticipation and thrill of new life and starting anew. When I see the transformation of blooming flower buds and smell the sweet, pure smell of something so fresh, I am reminded that there is always a time of new beginnings. This fills me with hope. No matter what, the Earth will show us a new life. The beautiful flower buds in the Flor Collection capture the thrill of embarking on new journeys, the delicacy of being a woman, and nature’s never-ending promise of transformation and growth. This light, delicate collection captures the essence of a fresh start and emphasizes the gracefulness of being a woman. Whether it’s the beginning of a new adventure, welcoming a new life, or celebrating the beauty of womanhood – this collection will connect you to the creative feminine energy that nature provides us with.