Precisely hand-crafted coffee-bean-shaped stud earrings, made of rose gold-plated sterling silver.

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14kt rose gold-plated sterling silver

Earring head dimensions

0,4 x 0,2 in / 9 x 4mm

Ear post length

0,4 in / 10 mm


You sit back on your sofa, reading your favorite novel. You take small sips out of your dark roast coffee, savoring it. It’s warm and it reminds you of back home, waking up every morning to coffee. You sigh, flipping the page smoothly as you reach down for another taste. You hold it there for a moment, smelling the brew and feeling the warm steam on your face. You touch your ear adorned with your Acaia earrings. Their shape makes you smile as it reminds you of your favorite flavor: home.


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