How it all began …

Once upon a time, there was a dreamer. This dreamer was a lover of nature, incurably charmed by the eternal beauty of natural elements. The dreamer always loved diving into details and examining every single leaf, a tiny stone that popped into her shoe, or a little feather that crossed her path on a quiet morning walk. She loved getting lost in deep, fairytale-like forests, just like when she was growing up. The dreamer always admired the beauty of objects surrounding her, especially those that she could potentially enrich with her touch or find a way to transfer their imprint onto another form or material.

One day, the dreamer was on the lookout for a bracelet. She had a fairly specific idea of what she would be willing to adorn herself with, but couldn’t find the perfect fit for herself. As dreamers do, she had a life-long desire – to create her own jewelry designs. As she kept searching for her ideal bracelet, her determination to pursue her dream became stronger. It began with a few sketches and a conversation with a friend who offered assistance with the techy part of the journey – this encouraged the dreamer to dream bigger and to embark on her quest.  Since then everything started falling into place, with hard work, determination and a desire to create.

Dreaming about her perfect bracelet was the first step in fulfilling her personal dream. To this day, the dreamer remains immersed in designing; and from designing one bracelet, the idea evolved into two unique jewelry collections, with two new ones on the way very soon. The dreamer didn’t just find her perfect wristlet; she also made her dream come true. Traces Jewelry brand is her expression of love for nature and passion for creation itself.

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