Elegant coffee-bean-shaped pendant, hung on an adjustable link chain. Handmade of gold-plated sterling silver.

Two adjustable lengths: 16,5 in / 42 cm; 17,7 in / 45 cm

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14k gold plated silver

Adjustable lengths

16,5 in / 42 cm
17,7 in / 45 cm

Pendant diameter

0,4 x 0,2 in / 9 x 4mm


The sun filters in from under the curtains. It leaves a path to the door. You sit up as a familiar smell wafts in the door. Coffee! You burst out of bed and through the door, rushing to the kitchen to see him brewing coffee for you. He laughs at your messed up hair as he hands you a cup of coffee full love. You kiss him and smile and have a first sip of your favorite beverage. The sun gleams off your necklace, the one you forgot to take off again because you’re feel so comfortable in it. Everything is beautiful. He adores your Creole necklace.


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