Artisan raw-rock-shaped inspired ring. Handmade of gold-plated sterling silver.

If you don’t see your ring size available, please contact us. In case the ring is in stock in other sizes, we can adjust it to the requested size within two working days and then ship it your way.

Additional information


Ring height – 0,3 in / 7 mm


14k gold-plated sterling silver

Ring sizes

51-52, 53-54, 55-56, 57-58, 59-60


You rule. You get inspired by the undeniable power of rocks. The power to express your feelings and emotions delivers elegance to your accessories. This stunning artisanal Atna ring will draw the eye and win hearts. Let it hold your secrets, wishes and promises as you imprint it with unforgettable memories. Give it as a gift or enjoy it exclusively for yourself.


Cut a strip of paper several inches/centimeters long, similar in width to the ring you are ordering. Wrap the strip around your finger. Mark the place where the paper meets. With your ruler, measure the distance between the mark you have made and the beginning edge of the paper. Refer to the chart below:

(When in doubt, order one size up.)

In cases you have a special size request, please, let us know. We’re happy to adjust the ring to your size.

CircumferenceRing size
51 - 52 mm2 1/64" - 2 3/64"51 - 52
53 - 54 mm2 3/32" - 2 1/8"53 - 54
55 - 56 mm2 11/64" - 2 13/64"55 - 56
57 - 58 mm2 1/4" - 2 9/32"57 - 58
59 - 60 mm2 21/64" - 2 23/64"59 - 60

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